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Sorry, you've come to the wrong page, but since fate has brought you here, watch this outstanding talk on motivating children:

Sir Ken Robinson explains his 3 rules which help children to flourish:


FREE stories for your Kids:

Here are three stories which demonstrate key life skills to young children. Feel free to enjoy them with your kids (they are free to read).

Timmy Tuna - As one of the strongest fish in the sea, you have little to fear. But one day you find yourself imprisoned with no hope of escape - until, that is, you discover the power of working with others in a team.
Read now. No need to sign up ;-)

Magic Mouse - A delightful story about a mouse with a dream. (Introduces the concept of Setting and Achieving Goals and working hard to make your dreams come true) Read now. (No need to sign up again)

Elli The Ant - The small but mighty ant shows us how important it is to save and plan for the future. Read now. (No need to sign up again, again!)

If you would like to read these stories in a printed book, then please see the blue panel below...

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Author of 'The Star Dragon'

Short stories book Cover pictures of the stories contained in our short story book. This links to the Amazon page NEW! Give your child a great start in life with this illustrated book which teaches 4 key Life Skills. Teamwork, Goal Setting, Planning for the Future & Self Development for kids

This book of short stories contains; Timmy Tuna, Magic Mouse and Elli The Ant, plus, the previously unpublished story about Self Development 'Pip and the Big Apple'.

Together, these four stories will give your child a great introduction to essential Life Skills which will help them succeed at school and in their daily lives.

Bonus content: This book contains links to free additional learning resources such as Powerpoint presentations which support the learning (great for home or class) and audio readings of the stories for long journeys or children with visual impairment.

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The Star Dragon book cover Amazon reviewer:
“The Star Dragon is a great learning tool, masquerading as a riveting story. An intriguing idea whose time has come.”

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