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  • Timmy Tuna

    Teamwork for kids
    In this story about Teamwork, your child is a mighty tuna fish called Timmy. You are the fastest fish in the sea and you fear nothing as you speed through the ocean. Only when you are caught in an abandoned net do you realise that even the most powerful of us can achieve more when we work together in a team...

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    Elli The Ant

    Working hard & planning for the future
    Ants are smart. As a busy little Ant, you know that the abundant food of Summer will eventually run out when the snow of Winter falls. You make sure your larder is well stocked with delicious food before you enjoy playing with friends and partying. When Winter arrives others must migrate or hibernate to survive...

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    Magic Mouse

    Goal Setting for kids
    This story teaches the benefits of having dreams and making them happen (setting and achieving goals). As the smallest mouse in your family, you start life with a disadvantage but soon you decide to make more of yourself. So you train hard to be a Mouse Magician and end up saving your family from disaster...

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    Buy all three stories as a printed book (plus bonus)!

    All three of these stories are available in a printed book from Amazon. PLUS; a previously unpublished bonus story about Learning and Self Development, called 'Pip and the Big Apple'.
  • Short Stories for Confident Kids

  • Bonus STORY: 'Pip and the Big Apple'¬†Learning and Self development:
  • As a tiny sapling lost on the forest floor you long to be big and strong and popular like Big Apple. You think that if you can just make apples then everyone will notice you. But you discover that there is more learning and growing to do first. With the help of Big Apple, you learn how to grow your roots deep into the ground to resist the storms, how to turn your leaves to the sun and make blossom grow, and how to make your branches strong enough to carry a ton of apples! Soon you are the most popular tree in the forest and everyone wants to know you...

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David has founded 2 companies in the creative communications industry and for some years has studied the work of leading life and business coaches such as Stephen Covey, Robin Sharma and Jim Rohn. David has written 3 more books in the Star Dragon series and is currently developing an interactive game based on the books.

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