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    Teaching Children
    Skills For Life
    Stories which teach children
    the attitudes and behaviors
    for success and happiness
    in life

Teach Your Kids the Secrets of Success in Life


The future holds big rewards for people who are team players. Most enterprises acknowledge that the ability to be a team player is an essential skill, and often is a requirement of the job. We believe that Teamwork can be taught at an early age...

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Goal Setting

Kids who have dreams (goals) – whether sporting, academic or personal goals – will do better in life than kids with no plan at all. So we teach your children the benefits of goal setting and how to develop goals of their own...

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Saving for the Future

Planning, saving and thinking about what we will need in the future is rarely discussed at this age. This is a mistake because even very young children can develop the habit of saving if they see the benefits which will come later...

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Free eBooks for kids aged 6-11

Some of these life skills are tricky concepts to communicate to young children. So we have written these short stories which convey the message with wit and humor in a style they can relate to. Try these free stories with your kids, and if they like them you might want to buy the book...

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Download Your Free eBook

Timmy Tuna eBook

Timmy Tuna

Elli the Ant eBook
Planning for Success

Elli the Ant

Magic Mouse eBook
Goal Setting

Magic Mouse

If you enjoyed these short stories, they are available as a printed book on Amazon:

Short Stories for Kids Book Cover Short Stories for Kids Book Cover Short Stories for Kids Book Cover

Four fun, illustrated stories which introduce your child to the vital life skills of Teamwork, Goal Setting, Planning for the Future and Self Development for kids - some stories include short tests


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We Write Stories Which Teach Key Life Skills

We help Parents of children aged 6-11 teach their kids the attitudes and behaviors of success. These life skills help them become more confident in their abilities, have higher self esteem and help them develop their social skills to make more friends.
These skills, which are not normally taught at school, can ensure that your child will lead a happy, balanced and successful life. As adults we deal with issues of doubt and uncertainty around our kids education and worry that they might learn the wrong things from TV, the Internet, School and the playground.
The skills we focus on help children to make better decisions.

Meet The Team

Dr Debrah Martin M.A.Performance Coach

David Machin Author

David Grant B.Sc. Head Teacher

Debrah Martin is the President of the International Coaching Centre Inc. and an expert in interpersonal communication who consults, trains and coaches in the private and public sectors. Debrah has a Ph. D. in Leadership and an M.A. in Linguistics and is the author of Stars in life: Coaching kids to success plus several articles on leadership and leadership development.
David Machin (author of The Star Dragon) is a creative Childrens Author who brings the content together in a format that children will understand. David has founded 2 companies in the creative communications industry and for some years has studied the work of leading life and business coaches such as Stephen Covey, Robin Sharma and Jim Rohn. David has written 3 more books in the Star Dragon series and is currently developing an interactive game based on the books.
Dave Grant is the Head Teacher at North Molton School. He has 30 years experience teaching children aged 4-11. Now at his 6th school David is an advanced SEAL Practitioner and has been involved in teaching children the social and emotional aspects of learning for the past 6 years. He is still enjoys teaching 2 full days a week and actively adopts new technology and research-proven teaching methods into the curriculum

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